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Tsugaru Railway Stove Train / Goshogawara City

Every year from December till the end of March, this two-car stove train runs along a snow-covered stretch of farmland in Aomori Prefecture's remote Tsugaru Peninsula. Winters in Aomori, on the northern tip of Honshu island, are bitter cold. But you won't feel the chill onboard Tsugaru's train. Conductors warm the 1950s-era passenger car by burning embers in potbelly stoves at either end of the train. The red burning coals in the stove create a comfortable social atmosphere bringing visitors and local passengers together. In contrast to the frigid outdoor cold, passengers can enjoy their time in the warm cozy train as surume (dried squid and cuttlefish) are prepared on the stovetop and served. ※However, train service may change under some circumstances, please check the schedule by phone in advance.

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Tsugaru Railway Stove Train

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