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Nakadomari Mebaru Sashimi and Nitsuke-Zen / Nakadomari Town

Nakadomari Town has the highest usumebaru (sebastes thompsoni) production, which is a very expensive kind of mebaru (black rockfish), across Aomori Prefecture, Japan.To get more people like mebaru, the locals redesigned the original mebaru course, Nakadomari Mebaru Sashimi and Nitsuke-Zen(Sashimi and Stew of mebaru). The menu includes mebaru sashimi arranged in the original shape of the fish (the head of the fish is kept), hot stew of mebaru with two flavors, soybean source and miso (the most popular), Ika sōmen, a type of sashimi made from raw squid cut into fine strips, vaguely resembling sōmen type noodles, and mebaru broth. To make the customers like you be able to enjoy the most authentic Nakadomori Town flavor, a whole mebaru from Nakadomari Town and the Tsugaru Roman, a leading variety of Aomori-developed rice are added to the menu.

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