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Scenic Spots

Hirosaki Park(Hirosaki Castle) / Hirosaki City

The Hirosaki Castle inside the Hirosaki Park was built in 1611 by Tsugaru Nobuhira, the second daimyō of Hirosaki Domain in northern Mutsu Province, Honshū, Japan. Four hundred years later, it still exists today. Tenshu, which refers to the highest tower within the Hirosaki Castle, three turrets as well as five city gates have all been regarded as important cultural properties. The Hirosaki Castle is also well-known as a place that has the most beautiful cherry flowers. From 21 April till the end of that month, the entire castle would be flooded by around 2,600 cherry trees, including both the Yoshino cherry blossoms and Yaezakura (double cherry blossom).  In the autumn, against the green Hirosaki castle, about 1,000 maple trees turned red. At the center of the castle, puppets wear clothes made by the most stunning chrysanthemums across the northern Ōu region. There are also many beautiful and fragrant Japanese style chrysanthemums like the cascade chrysanthemums, its flowers are small but are produced in large numbers, giving the impression of a waterfall or a cliff covered with flowers, as well as chrysanthemums in different sizes.The Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival which is held in the first ten days in February each year is the most popular snow festival among all the five snow festivals in the North Tōhoku region.

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Hirosaki City Hall


Hirosaki Park(Hirosaki Castle)

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