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Scenic Spots

Kabushima Island / Hachinohe City

As a prefectural park, the Kabushima Island is famous for being the breeding place of the black-tailed gulls. Every year around March, tens of thousands of black-tailed gulls would fly here from the south to lay eggs. In April when the yellow turnip flowers are blooming everywhere, their offsprings will be born. By the end of summer, their offsprings have already grown up and are ready to fly to the south. Many ceremonial activities would be held at Kabushima shrine on the third Sunday in April every year, during that time, religious rites, as well as fetes, would be held and many locals would definitely come here for a look. Tens of thousands of the white black-tailed gulls flying in the sky or hopping on the ground, against a vast area of yellow turnip flowers, creating a stunning view that you should never miss.

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