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Historic Site: Korekawa Stone Age Site / Hachinohe City

This historic site that can be traced back to the Jōmon period (c. 14,000–1,000 BCE) is located along the Niida River, southeast to the Hachinohe City. In 1957, it was acknowledged as a national historic site and covers about 376,000 square meters of area, which is four times bigger than the Tokyo Dome. The ""Stone Age Site in Korekawa"" consists of three locations: the Hotta Site (堀田遺跡) (Middle Jōmon period), Ichioji Site (一王寺遺跡) (Early to Middle Jōmon period) and Nakai Site (中居遺跡) (Final Jōmon period), collectively called the Korekawa Site. Among all the excavated items from the Korekawa's Nakai Site, 963 items are acknowledged as Important Cultural Property. Most of the artifacts are of good quality and are famous across the world. The Gassyo Dogu, or the clay figures with clasping hands (Kazahari I Site) acknowledged as a Japanese national treasure in 2009, are on display in the Korekawa Archaeological Institution (Korekawa Jomon Kan).

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Korekawa Archaeological Institution


Historic Site: Korekawa Stone Age Site

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